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HANSE Group s.r.o.
Zrzavého 1705/4a, 163 00 Praha 6,
Czech Republic
phone + 420 77 475 77 55


About us

Hanse Group s.r.o. with its principal office located in Prague, Czech Republic, is a company manufacturing high-quality spare parts for cars, trucks, industrial machinery, commercial vehicles, industrial units and equipment.
Hanse Group manufactures products under well-known trademarks: HANSE, GLOBELT и GEOPART.

HANSE Group s.r.o. is a well-known supplier of spare parts, automotive assemblies and units in the aftermarket being one of the leaders there. Along with that, certain products are supplied to the assembly line as well.

Modern high-tech equipment allows us to launch production of our own unique designs and to keep extending the assortment of the products we make.
Partnership relations with buyers, the high level of the process discipline are the most important factors for successful development of our projects fully meeting the following requirements:
- affordable prices
- 100% reliability


- Shock absorbing suspension components
- Chassis parts
- Steering system parts
- Engine parts
- Parts of the brake system
- Transmission system components
- Parts of the motor group
- Drive systems for industrial equipment and units
- Rubber-technical products
- Belt driving
- Driving belts
- Camshaft belts
- Special tools


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