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HANSE Group s.r.o.
Zrzavého 1705/4a, 163 00 Praha 6,
Czech Republic
phone + 420 77 475 77 55

For partners

HANSE Group s.r.o. is one of the leaders in sales of spare parts in the automotive market supplying perfect quality products.

HANSE Group offers a large catalog of products: chassis parts, steering system parts, suspension components for vehicles, rubber shock absorbing products for vehicles, parts of the brake system, transmission system and motor group, camshaft belts, driving belts for auxiliary equipment of vehicles, as well as different drive systems for industrial equipment and units.
The goal of HANSE Group is to meet the demands of buyers, from design of products and its production to supply of the products to consumers and provision of after-sales services throughout the operation period.

HANSE Group distributes its products via a distribution network and offers is partners:
- a modern warranty policy
- a flexible logistics scheme
- maximum informational support
- advertising support
- various marketing programs
- stable feedback
- fast response to changes in the market demands



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