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HANSE Group s.r.o.
Zrzavého 1705/4a, 163 00 Praha 6,
Czech Republic
phone + 420 77 475 77 55



HANSE Group s.r.o. manufactures its products both using its own production capacities and plants of its partners in many countries of the world.

In the course of production of new products we use the creative approach. As a result of scrupulous analysis of design of original products, experience of their maintenance and operation, requirements of car makers we create products with special characteristics. Many products have enforced characteristics. The modern approach to engineering and technical tasks in the course of design and production allows us to find required and optimal solutions.

Every HANSE Group product is the result of work of a team of engineers, it is a combination of the global and the company's own experience, designs and know-how's, as well as of constant improvement of technologies and production processes.

Hanse Group production capacities allow us to provide strategic sales markets for our products in a relatively short time.

Every month the assortment of products we make is upgraded and extended.


HANSE Group s.r.o.
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