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HANSE Group s.r.o.
Zrzavého 1705/4a, 163 00 Praha 6,
Czech Republic
phone + 420 77 475 77 55


HANSE Group s.r.o. products are an example of compliance of the declared and actual quality of the product. This approach is based on a well-developed system of certified production processes which enable us to control and achieve high quality of every particular product in accordance with the norms the company has adopted.

The assortment of products is based on high technological standards of tested and improved structures.
The quality of HANSE Group products is valued by many well-known manufacturers of original equipment and companies working in technical maintenance, repair and service all over the world.
Hanse Group products ensure the maximum safety of people and protection of the environment. We meet all the requirements and numerous environmental standards for production of our high-efficiency goods. Taking care for the safety of people and the environment is the tradition of HANSE Group.

HANSE Group quality policy
- Meeting demands of customers
- Safety of operation
- Respect for the environment


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